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Building a 25 foot Godzilla mini-tug

The COOT is one of the most unique, recognizable and beautiful boats on Lake Washington and Puget Sound.
Lovingly hand-built by accomplished boat builder, Tom Larkin for pleasure, accessibility, safety, easy maintenance, and good mileage.



2010  Godzilla 25 mini harbor-tug
Hull design by Sam Devlin, stitch and glue method.
Boat construction and interior design by Tom Larkin

  • Length 24′-8″
  • Beam 9′-0″
  • Draft 2′-9″
  • Displacement 5800 lbs.
  • “Drinks 6, eats 4, and sleeps 2” (full sized bed)

Detailed Specification List
Appraisal September 18, 2010
Coot Description and Story