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November 1, 2006

Deck and Cabin Layouts

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I’ve been playing with the deck and cabin layouts, trying to make the boat accomplish what I want it to do. As with every boat, there are many opposing factors – comfort, safety, number of people it can carry, and dozens more. I’ve already made a couple of decisions that would probably give the designer hives – changing the inboard to an outboard in a well, and adding double keels so it sits flat on the ground, and to smooth the water flow to the outboard. Here are some of my ideas for the interior:

This is my most recent attempt. Dock to starboard against tall docks so you can step off the extended cabin top to the dock. Lots of storage space in the bow for fenders and lines, as well as ground tackle. Good headroom over the main part of the bed. e_resize.png

With a drain in the stern the dinghy can be stored upright, with rainwater draining out. This needs some sort of davit system to launch the dinghy, but it’s probably the best way to carry a large boat like this. I’m concerned about top-heaviness, so the dinghy should be lightweight. The gear (oars and pfd’s) can store right inside, so you can launch and go.


This is the original design. I’m going to look into dropping to foredeck down a little and making it flatter so it’s easier and safer to walk on. With the engine moved to the stern, the little aft cabin might be for the head and storage.f_resize.png


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