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November 12, 2006

Godzilla Model

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Home with a bad cold for the last few days, so I built a scale model of the Godzilla. It’s 1 inch: 1 foot, which is the same as the drawings.  So I just laid the birch model plywood (1/16 bottom, 1/32 sides) under the drawings and pricked holes using a steel awl.  Then connected the dots and cut out the parts. I used scissors for the thin stuff and an exacto knofe for the thicker parts.  Blue tape for the stitching and thick instant glue to hold it together.

It’s not a great model, but it’s square and to scale so I can use it to mock up the interior. The cardboard is the first mockup of the inside to help understand how the parts fit together.  The little guy is 6′ 1″ tall.

Bow. There will be a seat/chain locker just forward of the guy.

Note the sideways bed with the raised footwell. The hole aft will be the outboard motor well. I haven’t designed the well yet.

Shoebox construction! The pilothouse will have a sliding door on both sides.

View from the stern

Turn-over (3 images). The pins are in the balance points – the boat is relatively stable in both positions:

Need to drop the boat down after flipping… 


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