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December 11, 2006

Boatbuilding Shed Is Up!

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Spent the weekend erecting the shed. It towers over the back fence and glows like a big white UFO in the dark when I turn on the fluorescent shop lights. I have a few days of finishing work to do before it’s completely enclosed and ready to use.

I extended the tent poles two feet in height, so the eve line is now 8′ off the ground, and the peak of the tent is about 13′ high.  According to the model it should be high enough. I extended the tent 3′ along the south side to act as a work area. It will hold the radial arm saw, a work bench, and a little office area to sit down with the drawings. And of course, the Moaning Chair.

It poured rain all weekend. Last night when I was done working it was a great pleasure to sit inside and listen to the raindrops on the roof. It’s a real relief to be finishing this initial step and to start thinking about actually building the boat. I hope to order the hull and bulkhead plywood and epoxy this week. Possibly start scarphing in December, a little earler than I scheduled.



Update – Dec 12 – I stayed home from work today to finish this up. After hard rain for the past week today was relatively clear. Even some sunshine for a couple of hours! I got the plywood attached around the base, put on roll-roofing on the shed part, and made a door. It’s pretty well closed-in now and should be somewhat heatable.  They say we’re getting more storms starting tonight, through the weekend.

Idea – instead of making 8 sawhorses to lay out the plywood on to scarph, build the strongback early, with the crosspieces at the stations, but screw same-height uprights to the station pieces to act as sawhorses. After the panels are finished, use the uprights to attach the bulkheads. Saves time and materials, and I’ll feel better about spending the time levelling and squaring the thing knowing it will be used to build the boat on.

Pictures tonight.


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