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February 5, 2007

Bottom Panels

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Last week I finished the side panels by filling the scarph joints and sanding everything flush. Tonight I finished the bottom panels that I glued together yesterday. The joints were better this time after the practice last week.  On both the sides and the bottom panels I marked all of the bulkhead positions on both sides of the panels. That should make it really obvious if anything is out of position as I assemble the parts. I bevelled the edges and drilled the wire tie holes in the center seam of the bottom panels as Sam discusses in his book.

This evening I started the bulkhead layouts, so I’m being forced to think about details like where the sole level is, and what I want the sole support stringer to be made of. I need to notch the bulkheads for the stringer before assembly. I’m going to cut the bulkheads right at the rubrail line marked in the plans, so the decks will end up 3/4 inch higher than that.  Also It just occured to me today that I should cut limber holes in the bottoms of the bulkheads before assembly.  At the bow I’ve tentatively decided to make the anchor locker on top of the deck so it drains onto the deck and not into the bilge. This will keep the inside of the boat a lot cleaner at the expense of raising the center of gravity somewhat. My ground tackle shouldn’t be too heavy so I think that should be OK. I’ll be able to clean the rode and anchor just by dumping a bucket of water in the locker. The water will run out of the chain locker through limber holes and out the foreward scuppers.

The left picture shows the two bottom panels. Tha dark lines are the scarphed joints. The right image is of the side panels after gluing together but before being cut out. The bow is higher than a sheet of plywood is wide so I had to extend the sheet about 10 inches. I scarphed along the whole side of a sheet of plywood and glued the exension on. This should flex evenly and be as strong as the rest of the panel.

Bottom Panels   Side Panel Showing Wide Section

I’m going to cut out all 5 bulkheads this week but only put up the aft 2 until I get the whole stern section assembled. I’ll leave the rest of the temporary raised work area up until that part is completed.  The round stern forms will take some time to build and I’ll need the work surface for cutting out the parts.  There will be very little floor space when the hull is all assembled.

The tent is working out very well. The propane and electric heaters make the place pretty comfortable even down to freezing, which it’s been every morning for the past two weeks.  I’m using fast hardener and it’s setting up overnight. I’m really glad I made the model. I spend a lot of time looking at it to visualize how the parts will all fit together and how to assemble them in the most efficient manner.


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