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February 14, 2007

Hanging the Bulkheads

Filed under: Building - Before Flipping — tomlarkin @ 9:20 am

I got all five of the bulkheads cut out, marked, and sanded. Here’s a picture showing (in order) #3, #4, and #5.  Number five is the last one, where the round stern gets laminated. It’s full-height as drawn on the plans. Notice that numbers three and four only go up to the sole level.  This saved material and allowed each of the bulkheads to be made from a single piece of plywood.

I’ve notched in for a 1×4 stringer to support the exterior sole. It gets added after turn-over.  The top of it runs right along the marked rubrail line. The lower bending-board in the picture is at the sheer line. The plywood sides will hang free to that point. I assume I’ll need to clamp on some legs to hold the plywood in the right bend. In this picture I’m trying to decide how high to place the bulkheads. Too low and I won’t be able to stand upright inside the boat, or to easily sand the sides. Too high and it will just be too hard to get to the bottom to work on it. I’m leaning toward higher rather than lower.

I drilled a 3/4 inch hole at the intersection of cenertline and waterline on all of the bulkheads. This way I can run a string or laser level through to be positive they are all in the same line. I read about this idea somewhere. It seems useful.


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