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April 4, 2007

Wrapping Up the Stern

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Here’s a set of pictures of the stern being sheathed. The round stern is made of two layers of 1/4 inch plywood laminated together. Quarter inch ply is surprisingly uncooperative when bent to such a tight radius. It took a lot of encouragement and a little coersion to make it conform.

The first sheet:

First sheet

Inside of the first sheet:

Trimming to fit. I pre-trimmed the rest of the sheets which made them easier to bend and install.

Outer layer. The drips are from holes drilled so you can see if there’s enough epoxy between the layers. I didn’t thicken the laminating epoxy enough and it started dripping out from between the layers along the bottom. Plastic tape and lots of clamps held the glue in place long enough for it to cure. The vertical 2×4 left of center is the clamp bending the ply to the boat while the screws are driven. It’s braced at the bottom and pulled tight with a line running to a cleat screwed onto the bow.  This outer layer lays into a 4 inch wide dado in the 1/2 inch hull plywood. This makes the joint more fair and spreads out the forces. The notch was easy work with a power plane. What a great tool!

I added this layer on the stern last Saturday. I hope to laminate on the last piece on Thursday. We’re having a ‘morale event’ at work on Thursday – the whole team is going bowling. Laminating plywood is a much better way to raise my morale! 

Next: Clean up the stern, laminate the 1/4 inch bottom sheathing, sheer clamps.  Then glassing the hull, adding the bow pieces and the keel(s) and rub strips. Sand, fair, bottom paint, flip it! I’m still aiming for the turnover around fourth of July – three months from now. Possibly feasable, but a lot of work to get done by then.