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May 10, 2007

Progress: Two Tasks Completed (almost)

Filed under: Building - Before Flipping — tomlarkin @ 2:02 pm

I’ve got the bottom sheathing on. It’s a layer of 1/4 inch ply over the 1/2 inch bottom panels. This layer really stiffened the bottom. I can walk on it without a bit of flex.  I was really concerned about having voids under the layer so I predrilled lots of 3/16 holes. I covered the holes with tape so the epoxy wouldn’t run out, but any trapped air would have an escape path. After wetting out both sides I pressed the panel down and then drove washer-head screws through many of them. Then I put a lot of weight on top in the form of big bags of mulch and some large rocks.

Now I’m laminating 1 x 2 boards as the sheer clamp. I think I’ll add four layers for a total thickness of 3 1/2 inches. I may add a teak sheer caprail if I have the cash when I get there.

I’m starting a mockup of the stern, built to scale on the back of my runabout. The runabout has a 45 horsepower Honda outboard and a 10 horsepower kicker, about the sizes of motors I plan on putting on the boat. I need to decide how wide to make the hull cutout and how to mount the kicker.  I have an idea of mounting the kicker inline with the motor, toward the stern. I need to see if it will fit. I’ve never seen a layout even remotely like it.  I’m trying to minimize the amount of hull (and flotation) I need to remove when I make the cutout. I don’t think it’s safe to go on the water without a backup means of propulsion.

I’m also in the process of sanding the bow and the bottom seam flat, and rounding the hull/side edge to glass the hull. Then I’ll add the stem and keel deadwood and rub strips. After putting on the rubrail (and priming?) it will be ready to turn over. I don’t expect to make my self-imposed deadline of July 4th to turn over, but it should happen sometime in July.