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June 16, 2007

Butt Lift

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I made a serious mistake when I assembled the boat. The aft part of the bottom panels lay against each other in a way that made them lift in the center instead of coming together flat across the stern. The pictures will make that statement more clear. All the parts fit so well that I assumed the hull had to look like that so I glued it all together that way. I wasn’t until I laminated the stern on and sanded everything that I realized that the shape was really wrong. Instead of a smooth horizontal sweep about 4 inches above waterline the stern dropped down to the waterline in a gentle vee shape.

I spent a couple of weeks trying to rationalize that it was OK – that maybe one in a thousand would notice or care, but I couldn’t convince myself. I knew I’d see it every time I looked at the stern and it would always bother me.

So I fixed it. Actually it was pretty easy. I just cut out a wedge on either side and pulled the bottom plywood down to the new location. Since these cuts weakened the stern joint I added two layers of biaxial tape to the joint. It’s going to cost me some time to fair it all, but I’m really happy with the results. Now it looks just like the plans.


Before the butt-lift

During – the removed wedge was about 3 inches high at the inside corner:

During the operation - wedges cut out of the stern and motor well sides.


After butt lift - ready for glassing.


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