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June 16, 2007

Miscellaneous Progress

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To prep for glassing the hull I had to sand a flat spot along the centerline of the bottom for the keel to lay onto:

Sanding the flat for the keel.

I laid on a couple layers of biaxial tape to strengthen the joint. I did the same for the bow, sanding a 2 inch wide flat to add the external stem and glassing it the same way.

Glassing the bottom centerline.

I added the final layer of the inside sheer and the inside longitudinals at the rubrail height that the decks will mount on.

Sheer laminations

Now I’m sanding and filling to prepare the hull for glassing. I realized that the way I was going to install the glass cloth would leave about 7 feet on either side with only one layer of cloth at the side-bottom joint so tonight I added a single layer of biax tape the joint all around. Again, more fairing, but a stronger boat. At the joint where the stern meets the hull side I did as the book suggests and made a 3/32 inch deep notch 6 inches wide and laid in 2 layers of biax. The power plane let me make both notches in less than an hour. The top of the cloth came out flush with the hull surface and I faired it in easily.

Next steps:

  • glass the hull – this weekend
  • add the center keel strips
  • add the stem – inside the hull and outside
  • add the twin skegs
  • add the rub rails
  • fair the hull
  • prime and more sanding
  • bottom paint (probably copper flakes mixed with epoxy)
  • flip! Now I’m hoping for this by the end of July or early August.

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