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January 22, 2008

Deck Framing

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These are out of chronological order – I misplaced the pictures.

The deck framing is three layers of hemlock 1 x 4’s laminated. The diagonal parts were lapped onto the first layer of the fore-and-aft stringer and glued together so the whole frame is bonded together. It made for lots of small pieces to fit together but it feels very strong. This will be the foundation of the house sides, so I wanted a strong, rigid framework. The pilothouse deck that the stool is on is temporary, but at the correct height.

Deck framing

Notched, lapped, screwed, and glued for strength.I cut away most of this bulkhead – you can see the cutout in the picture above. The foot of the pilot bed goes through here to the bow.

 Laser level This is just a cool picture of the laser level through the bulkhead WL holes as I leveled the boat.

Bulkhead glass

Glassing the bulkheads. Four layers on each joint – three layers of biax and a layer of tooling cloth for protection.


Cloth cutting station Cloth-cutting station.


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  1. Tom
    Nice sander, skill saw,clamps…nice mess! Feels like I want to get there and do some building… but not yet. Pa

    Comment by Joe — March 1, 2008 @ 6:57 am

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