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June 2, 2008

Gas Tank

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I’ve spent the last few weeks working on the gas tank installation and building all the structure under the sole where the tank goes. Basically, I made a big tray, somewhat oversized, for the tank to sit in. (Plastic tanks swell as they fill.) I lined the tray with neoprene for padding and added some nylon webbing to hold the tank into the tray. The whole tray lays on four 1 x 2 stringers to keep the tank level. The stringers are attached to some new partial bulkheads under the sole. There are many vent holes throughout to keep gas fumes from building up. The tank and tray are easily removable to access the hull below. Another weekend of this and I should be ready to prime and paint this area and start working on the inside of the cabin.

The Rain Cat inspects the boat:
Rain Cat in the boat

The tray before the neoprene or primer. I glued the fabric in with spray adhesive:
Tray, tank, and neoprene

Below the tank. That’s the motor well in the lower left:
Tray support structure

Tray dropped in place. It will be bolted through each end. The original strap attachments were plated steel, so I discarded them and bought some nice stainless ones:
Tray dropped into place

View showing ventilation holes and Port locker lid.  The space next to the tray will hold a bilge pump and the depth sounder through-hull.  The locker with the lid will hold tools and spare parts for motor maintenance. The tray is level – the sole slants to the stern for water drainage:
Tray and vent holes

Tank strapped into tray:
Gas tank strapped in

Trying to decide if it’s a good idea to have the gas fill inside the Starboard locker:
Gas tank fill mockup

Putting the gas fill inside the locker seem(ed) like a good idea:

  • It’s lockable – 25 gallons of gas is becoming a real investment
  • The hardware is out of the weather so it should last longer
  • One fewer thing on deck to stub your toe on
  • The tray will catch any drips so you can dispose of them correctly. There’s not much change of spilling gas into the boat or the water.

I’ve asked about this on the forum. We’ll see what they say…

(Added same day…) The forum really didn’t like that idea. I’ll put the deck fill on the deck. Maybe I’ll live a little longer. Here’s one of the milder comments: “The risks associated with what you are proposing are huge…”


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