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July 5, 2008

Miscellaneous Progress

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I’ve been busy the past few weeks,on various projects to get the boat ready to build the cabin.  I’ve faired and coated the inside of the hull and decks. It’s a lot easier now then after the cabin is on. If I use every weekend and all my vacation days, I’ll be able go get in about 30 work days before the end of September. That should be enough to finish the exterior, including paint. I’ll spend the winter wiring and fitting out, for a launch in the spring.

Dry-fitting the rubrails. The hull is shiny from a new coat of epoxy that needs to be sanded before the primer is applied. I fitted the rubrails now so I could patch any incorrect holes without messing up the final coat.
Port side rubrail   The bow is looking nice  Stern 

I’m thinking of making the cabin tops from 1/4-inch tongue-and-groove boards inside, with 2 layers of 1/4-inch ply laminated on the outside. Here’s a double-sided jig to build the cabin tops.  First, epoxy the boards together on the female side of the mold. After they set up, remove them and flip the mold over. Lay the boards on the male side, finished side down, and laminate the plywood on. Cut the top to fit, finish it completely, and drop it on the cabin, either with epoxy or Sikaflex  and screws.
One-inch MDF forms  Finished mold with a sample glued together  Tongue-and-groove overhead sample

I added the arched piece to finish the aft end of the aft cabin. It’s my first cabin part.  I used my new biscuit joiner. It worked as well as I hoped.  I’m not worried about the strength of this joint – the piece is supported on all sides. 
Biscuits!  Biscuit joiner  Aft of the cabin from the stern  Rain explores the chain locker


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