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August 11, 2008

Windows and Doors and Cabin Tops!

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A long, busy weekend. I took Friday off and got a lot done.

I marked and cut the windows and doors. Here’s the last window ready to be cut out. Note the notches for the cabin top beams. I mounted the heater to confirm the fit, and that I can see the flame while lying in bed.

Cutting out the windows    Propane heater

Friday night I pre-coated the underside of the first layer of the top, so I won’t have to do that work overhead. It rained lightly overnight, and the uncured epoxy got all bumpy and gooey. I asked the WoodenBoat guys what to do, with mixed reaction. Most said wait and see, which I’ve done, and it’s starting to set up now. I was hoping to attach the piece this weekend, but in the meanwhile, it’s on top, held on with screws. I still need to remove it and sand and recoat before attaching it for good.

The tops are made of 1/4 inch Okoume, in 5 x 10 foot sheets. Five feet is wide enough that I could make each layer as a single piece. I didn’t need to splice or join anything.

After cutting out the windows, there didn’t seem to be much structure forward, so I added a layer of biax and 6 oz cloth inside and out to all the uprights. I glued in the roof beams and temporarily added the first layer of the cabin top.  It finally looks like a boat!

Port, facing forward   Starboard, facing aft   Sunset through the new windows  Night shot

Aft Cabin

This afternoon I started the aft cabin top by laminating a lip to the bottom of the rear of the pilothouse. This will be the forward support for the aft cabin roof. I cut all four layers of plywood for the top, and pre-coated the first one like the pilothouse top. I think I’ll store it inside tonight, just in case  ;-).  This top won’t have beams because I think we’ll whack our heads on them, so it will be made of four layers of 1/4 inch ply instead of three like the pilothouse top.  I’ll add some temporary beams to laminate on top of.

Laminating the support lip   View from the stern

So, next step is to finish the tops, and complete the exterior glassing. I want to do this while the weather holds so I can paint the exterior. I’ll spend the rainy fall and winter finishing the interior.


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  1. Hi,

    Looks great I will look forward to watching your progress here


    Comment by Kev — August 11, 2008 @ 4:46 pm

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