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January 25, 2009

Ordered the Windows and Ports!

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  Port bow    Port sliding door opening

 View from the bow  Starboard quarter, showing portholes drawn on the aft cabin

I put together the order for Diamond/Sea-Glaze for the windows and New Found Metals for the portholes. The pictures above are of the white poster-board taped inside the windows, ready to be traced and sent in to be built.  I thought the boat looked very interesting like this, without the visual distraction of looking through the openings.  I decided to order the smaller 5″ ports (discussed a few posts ago). 

I printed up a bunch of order sheets and spray-glued one onto each tracing. Better safe than sorry on a multi-thousand dollar order!  This is the front center window. It’s hinged at the top to swing open. All the others are fixed (style D5 if you care :-)).  Sure is a lot of glazing for such a dinky boat.

Window order sheet

January 19, 2009

First Primer

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 Cabin - white primer

Chain locker   Port fwd view  I finally primed the whole cabin yesterday. This makes me very happy 🙂  I could have spent another weekend or two filling and sanding, but I need to keep telling myself that this isn’t a piece of furniture, it’s a tool that will get banged up and abused, and a fine finish is not necessary. Getting the thing in the water before summer is the priority!

I’m in the process of ordering the portholes and the main windows now. About $4500 for the lot of them.  This should be the last big expense before the motor and electronics.

January 18, 2009

Porthole Size Comparison

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Trying to decide on the porthole size and placement…

  • I’m mostly concerned with aesthetics – are they in proportion to the size of the boat and cabin? Are they the right height and location fore and aft?
  • Relative strength is not a concern – these are very heavy ports
  • Larger ones will make the cabin brighter and add more ventilation, but also make it less private, and the opening parts will be heavier and more obtrusive over the bed
  • Pictures of a bunch of tugboats with round portholes, for comparison

Five-Inch Portholes

5 Inch Portholes

Eight-Inch Portholes

I think they’re placed a little too high in this picture.

8 Inch Portholes 

8 Inch Bronze Porthole - Inside view

January 5, 2009

Working on the Pilothouse

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I’ve spent the last few weekends finishing the pilothouse top and the new sliding door framework. It’s about ready to be primed and painted. At the same time, I added a new Port-side scupper because water pooled a bit when I washed the cabin. I’d hoped it would all run back to the stern scuppers, but it’s about 3/8 of an inch lower at that point.  It looks just like the Starboard scupper, only a few feet further aft.  I also cut openings for vents into the lockers fore and aft.  Other than filling and finish sanding, I’m approaching completion on the outside of the cabin.  I really want to get this finished and start working inside the cabin!

Shiny cabin top with wet epoxy   Top hatch from inside

 Stove cap on base     Heater installed temporarily

I got a Fein Multimaster for Yule, and I’ve been using it heavily, especially for sanding inside corners where nothing else worked well. It’s a great (and expensive) tool – thanks Meryll!

Another Thrilling Saturday Night

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The sad thing is, I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing on a Saturday night.

January 2, 2009

Boat Colors

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(Edited 1/2/2008 to use the cleaned-up pictures. I used to smooth the lines.)

Here’s the boat with Kirby paint colors.  I like the top one best so far. Maybe a little brighter than my final choices, but very pretty to my eye. 







…and a matching Coot burgee!