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April 20, 2009

Forepeak Primer

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I finished glassing and sanding up front, and applied primer this weekend.  Priming the underside if the deck with just 2 feet of clearance was really hard and really messy. I wore my full coveralls with hood, and a full-face respirator. When I finally came out the respirator window was splattered with paint. I had to clean it with solvent.  The drop-in panels will be varnished and hinged. The two holes in front will have clear screw-in covers. I’d like to get some finish paint applied next weekend. 

April 8, 2009


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The windows were delivered this afternoon so I installed them temporarily. They all fit perfectly. I really like the way they look, especially the center opening one. They’re very heavily built, with welded corners and heavy glass.  I’ll need to pull them off to paint, and can then install them permanently.

Opening window Windows

Forepeak Work

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I’m working on the interior, starting with the forepeak. The forepeak will have a small berth, some storage lockers, and the head. This is also where the shore power comes into the boat.  The space is pretty small because of the walk-around deck ahead of the cabin. I wish I had moved the forward bulkhead forward a few inches. In fact, the space is so small that I inset the toilet paper holder and the 110-volt shore power panel into the locker just forward of the cabin. Mounting the toilet paper holder on the surface stuck out too far. I’ll take some pictures when that is more finished.

Head mockup – there will be a single step down to the head level from the pilothouse sole.
Head in place temporarily 

Forepeak construction – since this space is so hard to get to anyway, I’m making it into a waterproof compartment with 2 inspection ports. The berth flats are glassed in solidly, adding strength along the whole bow area right at the waterline.
Support structure for watertight compartment   Forward flats

Here the forward flats have been glassed in place and the lockers are being fabricated. The round holes are for ventilation. The visible holes will have stainless vent covers to make them pretty.  Again, the supports and flats were filleted and heavily glassed, adding a lot of strength in this area.

Locker structure  Locker flats being epoxy-coated on the underside  Locker flats installed  Locker flats with cutouts replaced

New tool – I replaced my old router with this laminate trimmer. It’s so much nicer. It’s easier to work with and fits into small spaces. I haven’t pulled out the router once since I bought this.
Ridgid laminate trimmer