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July 17, 2009

110 V Panel and Primer

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Starting the 110 volt wiring. Here’s the breaker panel and a GFI outlet. The 3 circuits are to the battery charger, 110 volt outlets, and the third one will lead to an inverter sometime in the future, when I have the cash to buy a nice one.  The black material is plastic board called Starboard.  It’s inset a bit to keep it from being bumped too easily. You can probably figure out it’s in the head area 🙂

110 Volt Panel

I thought this was an interesting shot. Facing forward. The interior is mostly primed, and now needs to be sanded and painted.

Interior primed

I’ve made about a dozen removable parts – sole supports, binocular holder, base for the toilet, etc. Here are three pieces with finish paint, drying in the sun. They’re sitting on some primed pieces.


And of course, my drowsy overseer, supervising from the pumpkin patch.

The Rain Cat


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  1. Continue please!
    Best wishes from Russia!

    Comment by Andrey — July 27, 2009 @ 2:10 pm

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