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September 28, 2009

Reflections in Hull Paint

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Well, it took 5 coats, but I’m calling the hull paint done.  Parts of it are very shiny :-)  Some of it doesn’t look quite as nice but I’ve decided I can live with it.

Reflection in the hull


I added flattening agent to the third coat, which made the paint look very thin so I added very little thinner. The paint didn’t smooth out after tipping, leaving tiny ridges along the whole hull surface. I had to sand it down with 220 grit – 400 wouldn’t dent it. This stuff cures hard!  It took 2 more coats to make it look good again.

Bad finish on hull


Sanding the 4th coat with 400 grit:






Self-Portrait in Two-Part Polyurethane:


September 6, 2009

60-HP High-Thrust Outboard Motor Comparison

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  • The first three are 4-strokes. The Evinrude is a 2-stroke.
  • All meet the California Air Resources Board air pollution standards.
  • The Honda is new this year
  • I’m guessing the steering angle of the non-Honda motors are 30 degrees
  • The Evinrude is the only one in this list that isn’t a ‘high-thrust’-style motor. High-thrust motors are designed to power displacement boats.
  • All of these models come with power tilt/trim


  Honda BFP60A Mercury 60 hp EFI Bigfoot Yamaha T60 High Thrust Evinrude E-Tec 60 HP (E60DPL)
Engine Type 4-stroke, inline 3-cylinder In-line 4 cylinder 4 cylinder Inline 2 cylinder
Weight 259 260 248 240
Fuel/Induction System Programmed Electronic Fuel Injection, in-line 3-cylinder SOHC 2-valve SOHC SOHC Fuel Injection Direct fuel injection
Alternator Output 27 Amp (Battery charging power 22 Amp) 18 Amp (225 watts) 17 Amp 25 Amps not dedicated
Displacement 998 cc 995 cc 996 cc 864 cc
RPM Range 5000-6000 5500 – 6000 5000-6000 5500 – 6000
Trim range -4 to 16 degrees      
Tilt range 60 degrees      
Steering angle 50 degrees      
Gear ratio 2.33:1 2.33:1 12:28 2.67:1
Special features New in 2009   Dual Thrust propellers No oil changes
  Easy Dock Steering – 20 degrees additional (needs additional parts)     195 fewer parts than a 4-stroke
  Rudder angle indicator     low emissions
Links Brochure (pdf) Specs Specs Crap Flash Site
  Specs     Specs

Dashboard Mockup

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It’s been too rainy and humid to paint so I spent yesterday working on the dashboard design. I went ahead and bought the hydraulic steering (as opposed to mechanical) so I can add an autopilot later on if I want.    It’s a really beautiful piece of engineering. The fluid pumps are built into the steering wheel post.  Fisheries has a cutaway model – the steering mechanism has a canted plate that pushes a series of small pumps as the wheel turns. The downside is that it’s three inches deeper than I had planned for. Space between the seats and the wheel is already very tight.  It’s hard to see in the picture below, but I inset the mount 2 inches into the dash to reclaim some of the space.  This is actually my third dash mockup.  It’s hard to figure out the design until I have the actual parts that will be installed. The only things I still don’t have are the motor parts – shifter/throttle, and the engine gauges.  The navigation console will mount above the dash so I don’t need it yet.

Teleflex hydraulic steering post  Dashboard

September 2, 2009

Hull Paint

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Meryll tipped while I rolled the first coat of black paint on the topsides. The tipping left visible streaks but I’m guessing that’s normal for a first coat of black over white primer. Halfway through, the paint started getting tiny bubbles that left white spots after tipping. We tried adding some thinner but, although the paint flowed more easily, it made the bubbles worse.  It could be that it wasn’t warm enough (65F), or that the humidity was too high. I’ll wait for better conditions for the next coats.  It took about 3/4 of a quart of paint to do this coat.

Meryll wore a shower cap to keep her long hair safe. I bought her a brand-new respirator for the job.  The horizontal line of dots in the paint are screw holes for mounting the rub rail.

Starting to paint

The rolling box she’s sitting on has been a real back saver while prepping the hull for paint. I bought nice big casters so it’s easy to move around.

Finishing up