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December 7, 2009

Handrails and Windows

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I’ve got 5 windows and most of the handrails installed. I ran out of brass handrail tubing, so I now have an excuse to go to Alaskan Copper again!  One of my favorite road trips.


Some windows installed. It’s already warmer inside with my small space heater. You can see the aft-cabin handrail I put on yesterday.
Port stern quarter view

These are vertical handrails installed inside and outside, through-bolted to each other.  The inside tubing isn’t installed yet in this picture.  The fittings are from New Found Metals.

Windows, handrails, and the vents over the Dorade box openings.
Windows, handrails, and vents

The front center window opens.  The cowl vents open to the internal Dorade box.
Bow window