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April 29, 2010

Motor Mounting

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Three years ago when I was designing the outboard motor area I used my Honda 45 HP as a model. I made a full-size copy of the motor out of foam and designed the space around that. Since then I decided to use a larger motor – the Honda 60, which is the same motor as the 50 HP, but modified to put out more power. My thought being that a 50 horse motor should probably be about the same size as a 45 horse motor. Not exactly.

The new motor is quite a bit deeper fore and aft, and wider than the old motor. I made the well 18 inches wide, which is almost 4 inches wider than the old motor needed. The new motor only swung about 25 degrees before hitting the sides. It’s supposed to swing 30 degrees. I’m guessing this is a bad thing.  To be honest, I kind of planned for this way back when I was building this area – I assembled the sides of the well without fasteners in case I had to cut them down, which is exactly what I’m doing now.

So far I’ve cut out the starboard side so the motor will swing 29 degrees. I’ll finish the cutout this weekend so it will get all the way to 30 degrees, and then do the other side. I was really concerned that I’d end up cutting through the side into the space under the sole, but it looks like I’m safe from that. The finished area is going to look kind of, um, interesting, but I think it should work OK.

Here’s the area we’re talking about. The motor is in the neutral position in this picture. I bought the big plastic protractor and am marking the angles on the blue tape.

The starboard-side cutout so far. I’ve removed a lot of wood, but it’s not structural.

And the motor nested into the cutout. At this point it can swing 29 degrees – just a little more to remove to hit 30 degrees.:


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  1. Had the same problem with the motor well on the 24 Redwing been working on since ’04.Made it 4″wider than plans and still had to cut out splash walls to make the full swing..yes interesting looking. The joys of creation. Not sure how to send you a pic. Great looking boat you got there! ej

    Comment by Eric Johnson — May 18, 2010 @ 9:01 pm

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