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May 8, 2010

Pocket Galley

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The pilothouse seats in normal position:
Pilot seats in normal position

Lower the seat backs and slide the seats forward:
Pilot seats folded down

Flip them up to reveal the galley. Standing at the sink, you have almost 9 feet of headroom above:

A new whistling teapot and some old plastic camping dishes. The sink has a folding spigot and pressure water. The stove is butane for safety:
Galley with teakettle

Flip down the aft-facing cabinet door and prop it up as a dining table:
Galley all opened up

And it’s snack time (nom nom nom). Lots of storage under the sink and stove. Room for two, or a cozy three at the table, sitting on the edge of the bed:
Sitting at the table

Doors in the closed position. They need to be finished, obviously:
Cabinet doors closed

An interesting note – the hole in the center of the lower panel above is one that I drilled when making the bulkheads almost four years ago. The hole is at the intersection of centerline and designed waterline and every bulkhead had one. I lined up all the holes with a laser level to be sure the form was straight before adding the hull panels. Now I want to find someone who can carve a compass rose around it.

Here’s a picture from December 2007. I’m installing a bulkhead. The laser shone through all the holes from stern to stem, and made a tiny cross-shape on the stem piece:
2007 bulkhead with laser light


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