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August 17, 2010

Sequim Trip

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This trip had two new things – the VHF radio, and the bike rack with both of our bicycles mounted on the aft cabin top. Both were a lot of fun to have. We bought a lightweight dingy before the trip, but didn’t get a chance to use it. We only anchored out one night, and spent two nights in John Wayne Marina, near Sequim.

Lots of observers at the Locks, as usual.


“I’m an excellent driver!”

I temporarily mounted some truck-bed bicycle mounts so we could take the bikes safely. They worked perfectly and the bikes were safe and easy to mount and remove. I need to make some nicer, permanent mounts.


Crossing Admiralty Inlet at Foulweather Bluff was rough, with a cold North wind. The seas were jumbled, throwing spray and water clear over the boat. We rocked a lot, but were warm and felt pretty safe. The entry to Mats Mats has some scary rocks on both sides, and we came in directly into a burning setting sun. Kind of scary, but fun.

Mats Mats Bay was warm and calm after the rough crossing. In the middle of the night the water was completely smooth. I peed over the side and the water burst into phosphorescence. I dragged Meryll out into the cold to show her. I’m pretty sure she was impressed.

Eagles and Harbor Seals on Protection Island. The Olympic Mountains in the background.

I think they’re just standing around admiring the sign…

Cheaper than mosquito screens!

We rode on the Olympic Discovery Trail from near the marina into Sequim. The first mile to get to the trail was very steep, and we walked the bikes to the top. We were looking for a coffee shop with wifi so Meryll could check her email. We ended up at the Starbucks inside a Safeway, escaping the 90-degree heat.

Railroad Bridge Park on the trail to the west of town. The Audubon Society has a very nice building and display there.  The Dungeness River is very short and very cold.

Carrie Blake Park on the East side of Sequim. The stone lantern was a gift from Shiso, a sister city in Japan.

The baby Harbor Seal couldn’t make it up onto the dock across from where we were moored. After a while mom gave up and they both swam away. The marina was infested with seals, Blue Herons, and Kingfishers, all making a racket.

The trip back on Sunday was very long, but the weather could not have been more perfect.

130 miles total. About 25 gallons of gas used, for 5.2 miles per gallon.


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  1. Wow, you guys have really gotten around! Very good.

    Comment by Ross — August 20, 2010 @ 11:22 am

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