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March 28, 2011

Making the Dinghy Hinge

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Years ago when I was working as a welder I made some Hossfeld steel bender knockoffs to sell for extra cash. I saved one and got to use it to bend the pivot bar that attaches to the dinghy.  I picked up some 1/2 inch stainless rod at Metal Shorts, put a roll of stainless wire in the MIG welder, and hooked up the Helium/Argon/CO2 gas mix. The bases are backing plates for Ronstan blocks. Using the mockup as a model, bending and welding only took a couple of hours.  You can see the piece on the boat in the top picture of the previous entry.

The Hossfeld knock-off mounted to my steel fabrication table:

Clamped and ready to weld:

Fitting it to the dinghy:

Overnight to Winslow

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I took an early March Friday off and spent a few nights by myself on the boat. I took it to work on Thursday morning then spent that night tied to the buoys by University of Washington, next to the Arboretum marsh. It rained all night but was cold and clear in the morning, with a layer of frost covering the boat and the dinghy. I rowed to shore anyway and walked through the wetlands to the Starbucks at University Village.

After a pleasant trip through the Ship Canal I navigated through the locks – my first time through single-handed (other than once in a kayak). I was nervous, but it was fine, the lock guys were helpful. Then across to Winslow on Bainbridge Island where I rowed all over Eagle Harbor in the rain. Went to a movie that night. In the morning, more rowing in a beautiful bright sunrise, and then back home again.

Frost on the dinghy seat.
Frost on the Dinghy

Early Saturday morning in Winslow. Dried salt on the hull from spray the day before.
Coot in the Eagle Harbor sunrise

Sunrise through the Coot windows, foggy from sleeping aboard

Winslow Waterfront Trail

'Ocean' fishing boat in Eagle Harbor

Heading home.

Montlake Bridge