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May 29, 2011

Thursday Beer Run

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I took the boat to Carillon in the morning, then Sean, Jim, and I went for a cruise to Leschi for dinner.  We went along the shore of Hunts Point and Medina to gawk at the fancy houses, including Bill Gates’ very tasteful house. On the way across to Leschi, we got chased down by Lew Barrett in Rita, on a pre-wedding party and reception cruise for Tim Yeadon, who was getting married the next day.



May 16, 2011

Tugboat Races 2011

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We left the house late on Friday evening and spent the night on the UW buoys. In the morning we stopped at Pete’s grocery for coffee and fancy snacks, then picked up a friend of Meryll, Mark, from the Center for Wooden Boats dock. As we waited there, I casually put my foot out to slow down a small boat that was approaching, slipped, and fell head-first into the boat. Saved my coffee though! Embarrassing and somewhat painful. It could easily have been a lot worse.

Lots of rowing shells in front of the UW in the morning.

In the large locks, tucked in between tugs heading out to participate in the race.

Mark & Meryll. Mark came prepared with foul weather gear and PFD. We had fun talking about airplane kits and Tesla motors much of the day.

Galena anchor chain

A great sailing day. It was windy all day. It stayed sunny until evening.

We were kept 600 yards from shore – so far away that we had trouble seeing the actual races. I watched them from shore last year, and it was much more exciting.

It was fun just drifting around and watching all the action.

Saturday evening and Sunday were a bit damp. We spent the night on the boat listening to the rain pouring down.

We got home at noon, with enough time to buy potting soil and plant our hanging strawberries.

May 10, 2011

Puget Sound Trip

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This was a mostly solo 8 day trip north from Seattle to Bellingham and the San Juan Islands. I met Meryll in Bellingham where she was attending LinuxFest Northwest, and afterward we cruised to La Conner for a night. The next day I dropped her off in Anacortes to drive home. I came back via the straits and Port Townsend. I also met brother Steve and Linda in Bellingham and we cruised around the bay for a while  It was a nice, quiet trip, without accident or incident. I was forced to stay inside sheltered water more than I hoped because of strong winds in the exposed areas, but the weather wasn’t as bad as it might have been considering it was early May.  I anchored 5 or six times and used my new dinghy each time to go exploring. Both the new Rocna anchor and the dinghy launching system worked great.

Some photos have a link to open ActiveCaptain to the location the picture was taken.

Lunch break at a boat ramp dock at the south end of Whidbey Island:
(ActiveCaptain location)

Langley boat harbor:
(ActiveCaptain location)

Curious critter:

Center for Wooden Boats Cama Beach outpost. You can rent the little cabins and boats from the center:
(ActiveCaptain location)

Coupeville pier in the early morning:     (ActiveCaptain location)

Entering La Conner:      (ActiveCaptain location)

My favorite tugboat names. These are both local street names:

La Conner – they’re making humongous hats as pavilions for a big canoe gathering this summer:


James Island. Mount Baker in the distance:            (ActiveCaptain location)

Pelican Beach on Cypress Island. The beach is named after a type of boat, not the bird. Testing out my new lounge chair on the aft cabin top:
(ActiveCaptain location)

Beach tracks:


LinuxFest party and game night:

La Conner evening:          

Anacortes – view from the top of Cap Sante head:        (ActiveCaptain location)

The east edge of Cap Sante has an abandoned stone and concrete amphitheater.  I read it was built in the 20’s and they used to have poetry readings there and watch canoe races. There’s a trail down from the upper parking lot:       (ActiveCaptain location)

Anacortes – building a super-tug:

Anacortes has some lovely gardens:


Deception Pass:     (ActiveCaptain location)


Port Townsend:

Port Townsend:        (ActiveCaptain location)

Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding in Port Hadlock:     (ActiveCaptain location)

Mats Mats bay – dinghy, showing oar storage and hinge:    (ActiveCaptain location)

Numbers collected:

  • Gas used: 32.1 Gallons
  • Engine hours: 52.0
  • 250 miles total (measured on map)
  • Engine RPM: 2800 (cruising speed @ 6knots)

Numbers calculated:

  • Consumption: 32.1g/52h = 0.62 gallons/hour
  • 250m/32.1g = 7.8 miles per gallon 
  • 250 m/52h = 4.8 miles/hour average (includes many hours of 3-4 mph)