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July 18, 2011

Various Summer Trips

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We’ve done a lot of day trips and weekend outings lately. Here are some pretty pictures, in no particular order.

Barry took this from Salty as they followed us through the locks. We have our tarp out to protect the other boat from our tire fenders.
Coot at the large locks 

Tillicum Village on Blake Island. We tied up to the pilings overnight because the docks were full and rowed in for dinner.

West Point buoy off of Discovery Park


On the way down the lake these guys flagged us down with a dead motor. We towed them about 4 miles back to Kirkland. Just like a real tugboat!
Coot towing stranded boaters

Astoria OR lightship Colombia

Astoria sunset


Sean and Donovan

Summer afternoon at the locks.

Ballard, 14th St Boat Ramp. Stopped to visit Trader Joes. With the motor up, the boat just fits in the space behind the dock, so we don’t block the ramp.
Coot boat in Ballard

Same spot
Coot Boat

Downtown from Lake Union. The new location for MOHAI, and Center for Wooden Boats is in the center bottom.

Aurora Bridge 8 PM
(Caution – links to a 3 MB , 4000 x 300 pixel picture)


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