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November 7, 2011

Coot at Terry Pettus Park

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We spent Friday night on the boat, leaving the marina under a waxing gibbous moon at 10:30 in the evening. We tied up to the Ivar’s Salmon House floating dock at midnight. Since they were closed we figured they wouldn’t mind. At 6 AM Meryll got a call to do some maintenance work so we had to find a Starbucks with wifi in a hurry. We crossed Lake Union to Terry Pettus Park, arriving in the dark. It has this little dock. You have to know it’s there. We walked up the hill to the coffee shop and she did whatever it was she does (I think it has something to do with computers).

This is the view when we got back.  The houseboats in back are the ones in Sleepless in Seattle.

A sign of the times at the park.

Fall leaves on the walk down the hill.

A couple of non-boating cell-phone pictures from the top of the building I work in.