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January 11, 2015

Bainbridge Island Winter Loop

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This was a solo trip over three nights and four days. A slow meander clockwise around Bainbridge Island, anchoring out each night. Weather was reasonable; foggy mornings and some clearing in the afternoon. Low 40’s in the day, upper 30’s at night. Nothing exciting happened. No mechanical issues. I saw lots of winter birds, and had my good camera so I took pictures of some of them. About 80 miles total distance travelled, 30 of which were in fresh water getting back and forth on Lake Washington and the Ship Canal.


Trip Map


Some winter birds:






It was a foggy trip across the Sound to Blake Island, which was kind of scary. I used the AIS and hugged the shoreline where i could to stay out of traffic. I anchored off the west-side campground and rowed to shore and found a big plank that I salvaged to make a bench from when I got home. The park rangers came by at dusk and seemed disappointed that I was anchored and they couldn’t charge me for using a buoy.



Fun with my cell phone camera photo editor:

WP_20150106_16_21_03_Pro (2)



The next morning I walked all around Blake, then motored over to the Bremerton marina. I wandered around town, stopping for a beer at the Bremerton Bar and Grill, then went up Port Washington Narrows into Dyes Inlet, and then way back south into Oyster Bay where I anchored in 20 foot of water. I rowed to shore and walked down Kitsap Way to a nice pub called Brother John’s, and listened to live music for a while, then back to the boat to watch a movie before bed. In the morning I went north up Port Orchard passage to Poulsbo, stopping at Illahee State Park for lunch:



I arrived in Poulsbo pretty early so I walked for a couple of hours and ate a mediocre dinner at Tizley’s EuroPub. I picked up an excellent apple fritter at Sluy’s Bakery to eat in the dinghy on the row back. I saw these guys during the row, eating a seagull.




In the morning I woke up to heavy fog, so I lazed around the boat until I could see where the shore was, then rowed in for coffee and pastries at the Poulsbohemian coffee shop before heading on my last leg home. I ran the propane heater a lot during the trip.




Caught the tide through Agate Passage:



Coming into the locks on the way home – this seagull really wanted the fish the cormorant had caught. The cormorant escaped with his prize. I think this is a Starry Flounder.






These guys were coming out of the large locks as i was heading into the small ones:






I stopped in Ballard to have beef stew and a beer at The Market Arms British pub just a block up from the public dock. I always enjoy seeing the knick-knacks they collect at Pacific Fishermen Shipyard. They save signs and iconic stuff from businesses that close down:




I met Barry at his yacht club in Portage Bay, and we went back to Kenmore together as it got dark. It was a nice way to end a fun trip.

Costs: About 10 gallons of gas: $40, Dinner in Poulsbo and lunch in Ballard: $45, groceries: $30, beer and coffee in Bremerton and Poulsbo: $35. Total, about $150 for 4 days.