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April 3, 2012

West From Seattle

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I made this for my friend Carol, but it seems nice enough to save.It’s what’s out there to the West of Seattle. (Links to a bigger version)

Looking West

January 28, 2012

Friday Morning Boat Commute

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Friday Morning Boat Commute

Friday Morning Boat Commute

Friday Morning Boat Commute

Friday Morning Boat Commute

Friday Morning Boat Commute

Friday Morning Boat Commute

November 7, 2011

Coot at Terry Pettus Park

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We spent Friday night on the boat, leaving the marina under a waxing gibbous moon at 10:30 in the evening. We tied up to the Ivar’s Salmon House floating dock at midnight. Since they were closed we figured they wouldn’t mind. At 6 AM Meryll got a call to do some maintenance work so we had to find a Starbucks with wifi in a hurry. We crossed Lake Union to Terry Pettus Park, arriving in the dark. It has this little dock. You have to know it’s there. We walked up the hill to the coffee shop and she did whatever it was she does (I think it has something to do with computers).

This is the view when we got back.  The houseboats in back are the ones in Sleepless in Seattle.

A sign of the times at the park.

Fall leaves on the walk down the hill.

A couple of non-boating cell-phone pictures from the top of the building I work in.



September 2, 2011

Late Summer Boating Pics

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We spent a couple of hot weekends anchored out by the buoys near the Arboretum. Last Sunday evening a water cop very nicely told us that it’s illegal to anchor there and not to do it again. Too bad, it’s a great place to hang out.






Brother  Ross in Idaho:


July 18, 2011

Various Summer Trips

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We’ve done a lot of day trips and weekend outings lately. Here are some pretty pictures, in no particular order.

Barry took this from Salty as they followed us through the locks. We have our tarp out to protect the other boat from our tire fenders.
Coot at the large locks 

Tillicum Village on Blake Island. We tied up to the pilings overnight because the docks were full and rowed in for dinner.

West Point buoy off of Discovery Park


On the way down the lake these guys flagged us down with a dead motor. We towed them about 4 miles back to Kirkland. Just like a real tugboat!
Coot towing stranded boaters

Astoria OR lightship Colombia

Astoria sunset


Sean and Donovan

Summer afternoon at the locks.

Ballard, 14th St Boat Ramp. Stopped to visit Trader Joes. With the motor up, the boat just fits in the space behind the dock, so we don’t block the ramp.
Coot boat in Ballard

Same spot
Coot Boat

Downtown from Lake Union. The new location for MOHAI, and Center for Wooden Boats is in the center bottom.

Aurora Bridge 8 PM
(Caution – links to a 3 MB , 4000 x 300 pixel picture)

May 29, 2011

Thursday Beer Run

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I took the boat to Carillon in the morning, then Sean, Jim, and I went for a cruise to Leschi for dinner.  We went along the shore of Hunts Point and Medina to gawk at the fancy houses, including Bill Gates’ very tasteful house. On the way across to Leschi, we got chased down by Lew Barrett in Rita, on a pre-wedding party and reception cruise for Tim Yeadon, who was getting married the next day.



May 16, 2011

Tugboat Races 2011

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We left the house late on Friday evening and spent the night on the UW buoys. In the morning we stopped at Pete’s grocery for coffee and fancy snacks, then picked up a friend of Meryll, Mark, from the Center for Wooden Boats dock. As we waited there, I casually put my foot out to slow down a small boat that was approaching, slipped, and fell head-first into the boat. Saved my coffee though! Embarrassing and somewhat painful. It could easily have been a lot worse.

Lots of rowing shells in front of the UW in the morning.

In the large locks, tucked in between tugs heading out to participate in the race.

Mark & Meryll. Mark came prepared with foul weather gear and PFD. We had fun talking about airplane kits and Tesla motors much of the day.

Galena anchor chain

A great sailing day. It was windy all day. It stayed sunny until evening.

We were kept 600 yards from shore – so far away that we had trouble seeing the actual races. I watched them from shore last year, and it was much more exciting.

It was fun just drifting around and watching all the action.

Saturday evening and Sunday were a bit damp. We spent the night on the boat listening to the rain pouring down.

We got home at noon, with enough time to buy potting soil and plant our hanging strawberries.

February 9, 2011

Weekend Lake Union Trip

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After a late start on Saturday afternoon we motored in a light rain to South Lake Union for dinner at Agua Verde and then drinks at Chandlers Crabhouse where I read a programming book on the iPad and Meryll connected to her work computer from her Linux netbook. A pleasant geeky evening. Then we went to the Ballard public dock and tied up for the night. Very cold and rainy evening. It rained all night.

In the morning we realized the boat next to us on the dock was abandoned. The notice on the window was a week old. The boat was unlocked and open, but didn’t seem to be vandalized yet. The boat was in pretty good shape although the lower unit of the outdrive was removed.


In the morning we motored around the ship canal and then to Terry Pettus park next to the houseboats on the east side of the lake. We walked to Pete’s grocery for junk food and up to Eastlake for coffee.

Then home in the afternoon, propelled by 20 knot winds which brought out the kite surfers and windsurfers.

January 5, 2011

Iced In

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I went down to take a ride in the boat on Monday morning and this is what I saw – ice all the way to the end of the dock. When a wake came in, the ice made an eerie creaking sound almost like high-pitched bird calls.

I tried backing out anyway, but it was like trying to drive through a solid wall. I only made it a few feet. I was worried the ice would grind off the hull paint so I gave up and just hung out on the boat for a few hours. With the heat on.

This poor guy spent close to an hour chopping his way in to his slip from open water:

(Alternate title: “I’m Iced Is!”, but no one would know what I was talking about.)

Noisy ice video…

November 26, 2010

Short Video

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I took this on the way to work last week. It’s on Lake Washington heading south. You can see Rainier in the distance, and Sand Point to the right. Gordon Bok on the stereo.


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