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May 30, 2010


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Friday morning after blintzes and tea Meryll and I drove the boat to the marina. Ross followed and took pictures.


The TraveLift was reserved, and they got right to work in the rain.



The moment of truth:

And she floats!

The motor started right up. Everything just worked. Meryll, Ross, Barry, and I piled in for a short loop around the end of the lake. 

May 29, 2010

Out of the Shed

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On Thursday morning I rented the 1-ton pickup truck and then the trailer from a different rental place across town. I started removing the deck under the bow of the boat. Ross showed up around 4 PM. Meryll, Ross, and I went right to work pulling the boat out. We called it a day about 8 PM, with the boat on the trailer next to the house.

Ross put the numbers on to make the boat legal:

We jacked the boat up and cut the deck out from underneath:

I backed in the trailer and we used a come-along to drag the boat onto it. This step actually took hours. The trailer was too high and we had to dig trenches for the tires to drop into. The boat bottom was too flat for the trailer so the bottom ran into the trailer wheelwells so we had to jack the back end up and stuff sheets of old decking on top of the rollers to keep from crushing the wheelwells. All the neighbors showed up and gave us advice on how to do it better  🙂

During this time we had the road completely blocked. Meryll spent a lot of time asking people to drive around on the side streets:



It was raining and getting dark  when we finished. I’d never seen it from more than a few feet away.

It was a good day.

May 8, 2010


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I took a huge stack of receipts to the registration office and got official. The receipts were to prove that I’ve already paid all my Washington State sales tax on the stuff that went into the boat so I wouldn’t have to pay it again to get it registered.  It took a while to complete, but Julia behind the counter was helpful and pleasant. I think it might have been a nice change for her from the usual car stuff she deals with all day. The $411 in excise tax was a surprise. I still don’t know what that’s for.

Meryll did all the accounting, and put all the receipts in envelopes for me, and provided me with a printout of all the costs. Nice to be married to an exceptionally organized person. Thanks!