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April 21, 2008

Stern Infrastructure Progress

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I’m installing all the stuff in the Lazarettes now because I know it will be impossible to do well after the tops go on. The Starboard side has all the hoses, gas lines and fuel filter, and the Propane tank.  I need everything to be accessible yet out of the weather. The Propane assembly has a pressure gauge, a regulator, and an electric shutoff solenoid. This whole thing was assembled for me by a cool guy at Fisheries Supply for a minimal cost.  The fuel-water separator has a clear container with a petcock to drain the water without having to remove the filter.  I think I’ll mount a little light next to it.
Starboard Lazarette 

The Port side has the starter battery and the 6-gallon spare gas tank.  A plastic battery box drops in the frame to protect the battery from the elements.
Port Lazarette

I’ve cut the stem piece and have started fairing the chain locker top. Once I have the lazarettes done I can add their tops, and then glass and fair the gunnels. At that point I can start finishing the inside of the hull in preparation for assembling the cabin. I’m planning on priming everything except where the cabin parts attach to the boat before building the cabin. It’ll be a lot easier to spray primer while I can still walk around inside.
Stem and Chain Locker