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January 25, 2010

110-Volt Wiring and Sliding Doors

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After a few weeks off I’m now working on the sliding doors and the 110 volt wiring. This wiring is pretty basic – three GFI’d duplex outlets and the battery charger. I’m running all the high voltage wiring in plastic conduit, most of which is installed now.

The sliding doors are coming along, but slowly. There’s a lot of work to make them. They’re 3/4 ply with 1/4-inch ply laminated on either side.  Here’s a mockup of a door, complete with window and handrail. It’s hanging from a plastic slug in a stainless sail track. There is too much resistance with this system, so I’m going to try a ball-bearing slider instead.
Sliding door mockup installed

I installed the bronze bow cleat today. I decided not to use the stainless bit I bought. It just seemed like overkill. The cleat uses 2 1/2 inch bronze bolts, through 1 1/2 inches of marine plywood, and a doubled 1/8 inch bronze backing plate. It should be strong enough 😉
IMG_0303  IMG_0304
Cleat backing plates

Conduit for 110 volt wiring is mostly installed.
Conduit and junction box below 110 volt panel
Conduit to battery charger and outlets